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Your trip is coming closer, the suitcases are packed - but where do you park your car in the meanwhile? Park-Service24 is the practical, safe and affordable solution.

And this is how it works: You travel comfortably by car to Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport, our valet parking service takes care of the transfer to the parking lot and parking. The difference to other parking services? When you return, your vehicle is ready for you at the terminal - no shuttle service, no waiting for others, no transfer to a bus. Is your plane late? No problem: We react individually and flexibly to your particular situation.

You can also benefit from our additional offers: Because while you are relaxing in the sun or on a business trip, your vehicle can receive extensive cleaning, professional preparation or a tire change - we can also carry out small repairs in ours Additional services take over. We offer a particularly attractive and fair price level.

Your vehicle is safe at Park-Service24. Our parking lot is only a 10-minute drive from Airport Terminal 1. Of course, the storage areas are guarded by our employees and are illuminated throughout. We work directly on site with specially trained staff who have worked in the valet service area for many years and have the appropriate experience.


Your service at Park-Service24, directly at Frankfurt Airport


Park your car in the parking lot of Park-Service24 during your trip - you drive ahead, our valet service will take care of the rest. Simply enter your travel dates in our booking tool and start your vacation relaxed. Book your parking space at Frankfurt Airport now!

Do you have any questions or feedback? Our ultimate goal: satisfied customers. We look forward to your feedback about our parking service. We are happy to develop new services based on your individual wishes. Help us get better - just get in contact with us.


Frequently asked questions from our customers

Our recommendation for stress-free parking at Frankfurt Airport is to arrive one to two hours in advance. In this way we guarantee a punctual transfer and you do not need to hurry.

Am Flughafen Frankfurt am Main kann es immer wieder zu Verschiebungen von Abflugs- oder Ankunftszeiten kommen. Sollten Sie den mit uns vereinbarten Termin um mehr als 15 Minuten verfehlen und früher oder später eintreffen, geben Sie uns kurz Bescheid. Wir stellen auf diese Weise sicher, dass einer unserer Mitarbeiter am vereinbarten Ort ist. Vor Ihrer Rückreise freuen wir uns auf Mitteilung Ihrer Flugnummer, anhand derer wir noch exakter planen können.

Both in valet parking and when parking directly in our parking lot, we trustfully take your car key into our hands. In some cases it may be necessary for us to park your vehicle on our premises, so that your trust will make our work easier. However, we guarantee that your vehicle will no longer leave our premises after parking and will (after valet parking) only be moved after you arrive at the terminal.

Of course, we will acknowledge your payment and will be happy to send you a detailed invoice on request. Please send us the necessary data in advance via e-mail, so that the document is ready when the vehicle is handed over at Frankfurt Airport.

In addition to parking at Frankfurt Airport, free transfer to and from the terminal is included in the price. As part of special campaigns, it can always happen that we "buy" you an outside wash, but this is not guaranteed. The prices for our services can be found in our Price Table.

As soon as you have booked your parking space at Frankfurt am Main Airport, you will receive a reservation confirmation via email. Please understand that we do not reserve specific parking spaces, but only a secure parking space on our premises.

You are also welcome to park several vehicles at Frankfurt Airport. Simply enter the different license plates.

It goes without saying that we have all the necessary insurance cover, with which damage can be settled quickly and easily.

Of course you can cancel your booking with us free of charge. However, please note that the agreed arrival date is at least 24 hours in the future at the time of cancellation. For short-term cancellations, we unfortunately have to charge the price for your parking space at Frankfurt am Main Airport.

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